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Saizen is a human growth hormone made by the German pharmaceutical company Merck Serono. In 2004 it was approved by the FDA as a therapy for children and adults with growth deficiency.

It is a medicine that is used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children with growth failure who produce low amounts of growth hormone and adults with GHD that started as a child or as an adult. Adults can also use it just for the benefits, such as anti-aging or weight loss.

While using the hormone, you may notice an increase in height on children, while in adults you may notice weight loss, better sleep, more energy, improved memory, younger skin, more resistant hair and more muscle mass. It is highly recommended for weightlifters and body builders to use the hormone as it improves overall physical performance.

Some of the benefits of Saizen include positive affects in our metabolism, skeletal growth, increase muscle cells, increase the functionality of internal organs, stimulates the liver, decrease cholesterol levels, improves bone thickness and supports muscle growth.

Saizen is an injectable hormone. It is recommended to change often the site injection.

It is important to be sure if Saizen is for you.

Do not take it if you have:

  • Active cancer
  • Critical illness from injury or surgery
  • Prader-Willi syndrome
  • Allergies to ingredients
  • Growth plates closed
  • Problems in correlation with diabetes

    Possible side effects include:

  •  Swelling
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Site reaction: pain, redness or numbness
  • Irregular skin sensations
  • Headaches

    When storing Saizen, it is important to keep it in a secure place, out of direct sunlight, away from children and pets. It can be stored at room temperature and should not be frozen.

intro about us