Privacy Policy

Your security and privacy are our priority! Here at, we believe that our customers’ privacy and security are extremely important. When you decide to use Human Growth Hormone, pens or vials, we guarantee that your information is 100% confidential. This page shall inform you of our privacy policy when visiting or using our site. HGH or Human Growth Hormone products can help you achieve your desire to remain youthful and mitigating the problems associated with hormonal imbalances or signs of aging to help you both feel good and look good and boost your overall performance as well. If you want to know more about the benefits and FAQs please feel free to navigate on the menu that is on top of this page. 


It is important to us that you feel safe and secure when providing us with any personal information like your name, and address. When sending a submission, we recommend to our customers not to use or add any credit card information, we take the orders over the phone and we disabled the online purchasing to protect your data. We are required not to publish or identifying your personal details to any external parties unless explicitly approved by our customers and any personal details in any email correspondence as stated on federal and state laws. 

Product Liability 

In case that the product is not delivered or/and returned to sender because of incorrect shipping information provided by the buyer, this site ( shall have no responsibility for lost orders due to bad deliveries or unreturnable products due to discreet shipping. We ship and deliver all the products based on the designated street address as chosen by the buyer. Injectable HGH for Sale dot Net shall have no liability for any use of the products that are supplied. The purchaser shall take liability for the use of our products with the guidance of a licensed doctor. However, Injectable HGH for Sale dot Net shall have no responsibility for any product damage, wrong deliveries, lost orders that are caused by the postal services. In case of damaged product due to our improper packaging, a reshipment of product shall follow without charge provided that a claim is made and a proof for improper packaging is given and deliver the product to you within 1 business day. Note: Injectable HGH for Sale dot Net shall not accept any order cancellation after the payment. 


When gathering for your information, the reasons shall be given during or before the collection of the necessary information. Exceptions are if you give us the permission to collect information for any other reasons or if ordered by the law. We shall hold onto your data as long as it takes to complete the stated purpose. We offer multiple options for payment and we make sure to always use a secure ordering system that protects any information you give. We shall collect your data using only legitimate actions sanctioned by the law. Moreover, we shall follow a principle of fairness in collecting your information. We treat your information with utmost security and placed under protection to prevent it from being lost, stolen or altered by others. We are asking that all information you shall provide shall be true, recent and sufficiently inclusive. Again, your privacy and security are extremely important to us. Therefore, we shall work really hard to protect them.